Trump calls NYC a 'HellHole' after SCOTUS rules against him

July 9, 2020 / 1.2K views

President Donald Trump lashed out at the city of New York after the Supreme Court ruled against him, granting a Manhattan prosecutor access to Trump's financial records.

Trump said “This is purely political. I win at the federal level and we won very decisively and so they send it into New York... And you know what’s going on in New York. Everyone’s leaving. It’s turned out to be a hellhole. They better do something about it because people are leaving New York, but this is a political witch hunt.”

Trump has been the victim of Democrats hunting for his tax returns since he announced he would run for president. That same witch hunt has been in play ever since.

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At one point, the SCOTUS ruled that House Democrats request for Trump's tax returns was too broad of a request and sent it back to Democrats with a denial.

Then SCOTUS made another ruling permitting this New York based prosecutor to dig into Trump's financials and did not exclude his taxes.

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