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Trump explains 'Chinese virus' to reporter who asked bad question

March 18, 2020 / 2.2K views

America and the rest of the planet are keeping their eyes on the coronavirus and Trump is having reporters ask questions. This is great, but then a reporter asks the really stupid question that saved exactly ZERO lives and provided exactly ZERO bits of useful information.

She seriously asked Trump why he calls it the "Chinese virus" and that's when Trump just looks at her with those eyes and gives her the most honest answer he can.

Because it came from China and he wants to be accurate.


Well, it doesn't get any more accurate than that, and if you're calling it racist, then you might need professional help.

Stop making things about race, that are not about race. DUH!!!

What does it take to get in the White House these days, a second grade education and a C in reading? Come on, lady, ask a real question and stop wasting time!


Someone yank her White House credentials. She doesn't need them anymore!

I'm blaming Daily Wire for getting me all hot and bothered.

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