Trump on Warren: 'I have more Indian blood than she does – and I have none'

Trump said, "Remember? She defrauded people with her credentials. She said she was Indian, and I said that I have more Indian blood than she does – and I have none. I'm sorry – and we drove her crazy, and we drove her crazy. That’s a good thing, not a bad thing. And she went out and she had a blood test done, and it came out 1,024. He says, "Somewhere back there, hundreds of years ago, there may have been an Indian, or it may have been a statistical error," Daily Wire pointed out the claim about 1024 was not 100% reliable. "[The president’s claim that Warren's alleged Native American ancestry was 1/1024 isn't necessarily a reliable one. In a lengthy piece on, Jessica McDonald writes: "[the] Bustamante report never specifies a fraction or percentage, so these estimates are derived from a back calculation from the six to 10 generation estimate."]"


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