Trump's Space Force commercial looks like a really cool sci-fi movie

May 6, 2020 / 792 views

President Donald Trump's Space Force commercial looks like a really cool science fiction movie waiting to come out. But make no mistake, this is real! So pack your bags folks, we're going to space!


Here we go, zip zip, zoom zoom, flying away to another planet.

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The concept of space has always been fascinating to me because it's so big, that we may not ever see where it goes or ends in our lifetime.

Think about the name "space" to begin with - a space so big they didn't even know what to call it, so they called it "space" or the "outer space" as in area that they don't know any other name for.

And think of this. We are currently IN space. Yes, that's right. We are in outer space. We are on a planet, in space, with a moon, etc.

When you look up at night and see the millions of stars, imagine how far away they really are. It's absolutely mind-bending to know that 1) we will probably not ever reach them, and 2) the concept of the star, what's going on in outer space, and if there's any other planets that can sustain life like ours - and where are they.

So much to think about when it comes to outer space.

Many people criticize the Space Force, but I think if they team up with NASA and do some fun explorations, that we may uncover the true answers of where we really come from.

Either that or someone finds the simulation we live in and this is really a version of The Matrix.

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