Trump says if you're honorable, he'll win the election by a lot

January 1, 2020 / 809 views

This video shows President Donald Trump standing with First Lady Melania Trump. He addresses a crowd either before or during an New Year's Eve celebration.

He says, as quoted by The Hill:

President Trump: "I want you to have a great year. Look, you're honorable people, you have to stay honorable. If you're honorable, I'm going to win the election by a lot. If you're not honorable, I'm just going to win the election by a little."

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Trump sure has a sense of humor! Not everyone thought so, as the replies to the video were quite mixed, as per Trump's usual collection of replies generally is. Several people threw insults at Melania, suggesting she looks like an animatronic character from show West World.

As you can see, there ended up being a bit more people throwing insults than usual on this one. I guess they have nothing better to do.

Meanwhile, the Pentagon sent 100 Marines to Baghdad to protect the people at the United States embassy. You know, so we don't have another repeat of what Hillary Clinton let happen. What difference does it make?

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