Trump superfan installed 6-ft statue of Donald near his house

This man might actually be President Trump's number one fan! His name is Bussa Krishna and he installed a 6-foot statue of Donald Trump near his house and worships it on a daily basis. Trump has plans to visit India, so Krishna wants to get his hopes up in the event Trump notices this and stops by.

Krishna also carries Trump's picture and prays to him before starting his daily work.

NDTV reported:


I wish to meet him, I request the government to make my dream come true," Mr Bussa told ANI.

Mr Bussa, however, is not just any fan but considers himself to be a devotee of the POTUS. He has even installed a 6-feet statue of the US President near his house and offers prayers daily.

"I also carry his (Trump's) picture and before any work, I pray to him. He is like a God to me that is the reason I had his statue built. It took almost a month and 15 labourers to build this statue," he said.


His friends told ANI that the villagers have started referring to him affectionately as ''Trump'' Krishna, due to his devotion to the POTUS.

If there's anyone who is dedicated to Trump and should probably get a job in the White House, then maybe Krishna is the man for the job!

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