Trump supporter clashes with flight attendant, escorted off plane

October 15, 2020 / 2K views

A man wearing Trump gear was in a heated conversation with an airplane attendant. The man had lowered his mask while eating (that's his claim, not mine) and the attendant suggested the man was not following the rules. There is no video evidence that the man was eating prior to the attendant coming up or any video showing what happened beforehand.

One side is arguing that the man is simply eating some peanuts and obviously can't eat with a mask on. The other side may argue those aren't airplane issued peanuts and therefore not allowed, or he wasn't eating at all and had just started to eat only because the flight attendant came up.

Some might say the man is being targeted because of his Trump gear. There's a woman defending the man in the video, she is asking about policy and wants to know if they are allowed to eat on the plane with their mask down.

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It's really not clear what this flight attendant was targeting him for, but we sure have our ideas. The man was eventually escorted off the plane and another man went with him - and that was shown in a second video, but the second video doesn't offer much else as far as information. It's unclear what happens with the man who was escorted off.

This happened on a Southwest Airlines plane.

Source: twitter

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