Trump supporter lunges at BLM supporter, one of them gets knocked out

September 9, 2020 / 1.3K views

A verbal spat between a Trump supporter and BLM supporter turned into a quick fight. The Trump supporter appears to lunge at the BLM guy, but the Trump guy doesn't seem to know how to fight. The end result is the BLM guy drops back, and then connects with a punch that knocks the Trump supporter out cold and he hits the pavement.

I'm all for a good fight, but folks, don't throw the first punch if you can't even fight. You never know who you're fighting.

The good thing in this video is that once the guy was knocked out, that was it. The fight was over. We've seen so many BLM supporters end up jumping in on people and only fighting in crowds, so it was good to see a clean 1 on 1 fight for once.

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