Trump supporter's shirt: 'Don't Drink Democratic Kool-Aid'

September 16, 2020 / 2.2K views

Here's a supporter of President Donald Trump and his shirt has a very pro-Trump message that Joe Biden probably would not like very much. It says he is American Black and Vietnamese. The message is "don't drink Democratic Kool-Aid."

A lot of people are finally waking up to the nonsense that many of the Democrats are pushing for political and anti-Trump reasons. A lot of Democrat politicians want the powerful seat in the White House back and it's like they are so focused on Trump that they don't care about the actual American people.

Top that off with how bizarre and outrageous some of the Democrats have become, and it makes sense why people are saying to stop drinking the Democratic Kool-Aid.

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Folks, we're talking about a movement here who is saying to defund police and two cops were just ambushed in their car out of nowhere. That is the wrong way to do things.

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