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Trump threatens CA leaders to fix homelessness or Feds will get involved

December 29, 2019 / 1.1K views

President Donald Trump has spoken out against leaders in California to fix the homelessness problem or he will get the feds involved. He specifically mentioned Governor Gavin Newsom and Nancy Pelosi. Trump's messages were posted on Twitter, as per his usual method of mass communication.

The homelessness problem has increased and now CA leaders scramble to help their homeless citizens.

As reported on Local12:

The annual data from HUD shows homelessness in California increased by 21,306 people. This is up 16.4% from last year. This is higher than the overall national increase of 2.7%.

Maria Foscarinis is the executive director of the National Law Center on Homelessness and Poverty. She said affordable housing is the solution.

“It’s a matter of making this a priority and recognizing that this is something that needs a solution, it affects everybody. Homelessness obviously affects homeless people, but it affects entire communities,” said Foscarinis.


Local leaders in California also say that while housing is important in solving homelessness, it's only part of it. They say there must be other services, such as addiction and mental health treatment.

California has many other problems such as people leaving the state in large numbers and human excrement on the streets. Some residents complain that lawmakers seem focused on things like banning straws instead of cleaning up the state in terms of actual filth and getting people off the streets.

Blaming mental illness on this could be an easy way out, but why are these people homeless to begin with? Getting down to the root of the actual problem is key to lessening it in the future.


Besides that, people who have skills to work will need affordable housing and jobs to maintain their housing. More work pertaining to solving those problems could certainly help, but who is in charge of that and what are they really doing about it?

Source: local12 / Last Edited by: Frank

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