Trump to Biden: you coulda done it during your 47-year period in government

September 30, 2020 / 931 views

President Donald Trump slams Joe Biden over the years he has been in government and makes a claim that Biden did not try to reduce the cost of prescriptions. Biden seems ready to deny that claim.

To be fair, President Trump appears to want prescriptions reduced, but the fact is that it's a possibly lengthy process that may require some sort of supply chains to be established.

A recent fact check by AP states the following:

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TRUMP: “We will be substantially LOWERING Medicare Premiums and Prescription Drug Prices, bringing them down to levels that were not thought possible!” — tweet.

THE FACTS: To be clear, no massive, across-the-board cuts are in the offing for drug prices.

Efforts announced in July by the president — such as allowing importation of medicines from countries where prices are lower — take time to roll out. It remains to be seen how much they’ll move the needle on prices.

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Drug importation, for example, requires regulatory actions to be taken and supply chains to be established, a tall order when the election is just two months away.

Trump has taken actions to reduce patient costs for some drugs, such as insulin, but the steps have been less ambitious than those in a bill from Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., that the House passed last year. Her proposal would authorize Medicare to negotiate prices for expensive medications and use savings from lower drug costs to establish Medicare coverage for dental care, hearing and vision.

Source: apnews

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