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Trump Video Focuses On Joe Biden's Really Bad Cognitive Decline

March 7, 2020 / 2.7K views

President Donald Trump's campaign released a video that focuses on Democrat Joe Biden's cognitive decline. The video focuses on the numerous times that Biden makes errors during public speaking, often time losing train of thought or simply not making sense.

Examples like telling people to leave the record player on at night, confusing his wife and sister, and even appearing to not know where he is sometimes - like North South Carolina.

It's obvious Joe Biden can no longer handle public speaking like he used to. At his age of 77, he should be retired and relaxing, traveling, hitting up the bowling alley, playing some bingo, and sipping on a fine drink - not parading around the country thinking he can win an election against a much more "with it" Trump.

Biden still has to get by Bernie Sanders, but many fear a DNC fix is in play.

Afterall, just look what the DNC did to get rid of Tulsi Gabbard by changing the rules of the next debate.

Heck, they changed the rules to let Bloomberg in, then changed the debate qualifications to get Gabbard out.


If there's only three candidates left, then let them ALL debate. What is the harm?

Either way, Trump may face some criticism for pointing out Joe Biden's flaws, but isn't that what a lot of people do in politics? Even with local elections, you often see smear campaigns, so this isn't much different.

it is funny though.


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