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Trump Wants All Voters To Show Photo ID

March 6, 2020 / 385 views

President Donald Trump has called for all voters to be required to show photo ID in order to vote. He said this while at a rally in Florida in 2018, and as the time comes again for another election, it's important to see if any progress has been made on this.

At that time, 34 states had some laws that require voters to show a form of ID before voting, as per ABC News, which stated:

Most states -- 34 -- already have laws that require people to show some form of ID before they cast ballots. Seven of these states go further and require a photo ID, and an eighth state, Alabama, comes very close to this rule but allows a strict exception in which people without a photo ID can vote so long as two election officials know the individual. Four states have passed additional regulations on voter ID since the 2016 election.


In 2019 Trump pressed for voter ID laws again, according to USA Today.

Trump is pressing hard for this, but with Democrats, there is sure to be some cold shoulders on it.

“No debate on Election Security should go forward without first agreeing that Voter ID must play a very strong part in any final agreement,” Trump posted on Twitter this week.


This is likely to come up again as the election of 2020 gets even closer, but will Trump be able to make progress on requiring every state to enforce voter ID laws?

That remains unclear.

Source: abcnews / Last Edited by: Frank

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