Tucker calls out Sidney Powell: 'she never sent us any evidence' to back up claims of election fraud

November 19, 2020 / 2.7K views

Tucker Carlson calls out Sidney Powell for not sending him any evidence to back up the Trump legal team's claims of election fraud by the Democrats. Tucker claims he asked for evidence but didn't receive any. He says "she never sent us any evidence despite a lot of requests, polite requests, not a page" and "when we kept pressing she got angry and told us to stop contacting her."

Now there's a lot of people mad at Tucker Carlson and saying they won't watch his show anymore because he called out Powell for her lack of evidence. Those people are wrong. You should not be mad at Tucker Carlson because he's demanding evidence that would shake up the entire election and make this one of the biggest stories of our time. People should be mad at Trump's legal team and Sidney Powell for not showing us anything worth reading when it comes to so-called evidence.

Folks - you're all being tricked right now. Trump's legal team might not actually have anything at all, and if they do, then why not show at least a tiny bit on one of the biggest news shows? Tucker's audience is massive and sharing even a little bit of evidence to back up Powell's claims would be huge ratings for the show and start putting this election drama to rest.

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But nope. We got nothing from Powell on Tucker's show. The guy has a massive platform and she gave Americans a goose-egg.

You know, instead of being mad at Tucker Carlson, how about you wake up and be mad at Powell for not utilizing that platform to send a huge message to all of America? Why not realize that maybe Trump's legal team has been blowing smoke up your butt and we're all being tricked into hoping that the election might turnover, but in reality - they might know it's over and are just saving face?

I can't believe all of the stupid people on Twitter who are mad at Tucker Carlson instead of being mad at the legal team for literally showing us nothing.

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Let's not forget the Hunter Biden laptop story and how that went literally NOWHERE. Maybe this is another nothing-burger too.


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