Tucker goes APE on Democrats for putting ' WOKENESS above your life'

Tucker Carlson goes full APE on Democrats as he accuses them of not caring about American lives and putting their 'wokeness' above our lives. Democrats were accused of placing unrelated items in the relief bill. GOP was accused of having too much money for corporations to disperse without transparency.

The whole thing is a mess that proves exactly why we need term limits and why someone needs to step in and remind Democrats that millions for an "arts" center has no reason being in a coronavirus bill.

Benny Johnson provided the quote, "TUCKER: "None of these people cared about you, they didn’t care about protecting public health or sharing accurate information, they cared about feeling virtuous. They put their wokeness above your life as they always do and always will"


Is a $1,200 relief check a waste of time?

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