Tucker skewers woke liberals for defending knife-wielding teen shot by police

April 23, 2021 / 1K views

Tucker Carlson completely mocks the people defending the teenager who was wielding a knife and lunging at another girl before she was taken down by a Columbus cop.

In the sad and unfortunate incident, a teenager armed with a knife was going after someone else, and the cop stopped it and saved the other teen from being potentially stabbed.

Liberals have slammed the cop and said he should have tried another way. Others are praising the police officer for saving the other girl.

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Tucker Carlson cracks a few sarcastic comments during his 9 minute video, saying "Knife fights are human rights. Stabbing can finally come out of the closet... The right to stab has been restored."

Let's ask everyone this. If someone was charging at you with a knife, then what do YOU want the police to do?

Here's the video of Ma'Khia Bryant with the knife and the cop taking action.

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