Tulsa Police Shoot Terence Crutcher

Terence Crutcher, 40-years-old, believed to be on PCP and not following directions from the police officers who stopped where his vehicle broke down. Crutcher had his hands up, but kept walking to his vehicle where he gets close to the window. Who knows what was in the vehicle. He was shot very close to the time he was tasered, which is the part that I don't really understand. Why didn't they all taser him? That would surely knock him down a bit. Then if a few zappers from the tasers didn't work, they could shoot him up like Contra. Terence Crutcher probably didn't have to get shot by police, HOWEVER, he should have listened to every order that was directly given by police. You can't keep walking to your car and lean towards the window, which could be open, and there could be a gun on your car seat. The cops don't know. The cop who shot Terence Crutcher is Officer Betty Shelby and she has a few strikes of excessive force under her belt. That doesn't look good for her. It's reported that her husband was in the helicopter hovering above at the time and possibly stated that Terence Crutcher looked like one bad dude. Yeah, so does John Cena, but even he would stop if the cops told him too. Hopefully Black Lives Matter doesn't start their BS protests and riots. We don't need another burnt down Ferguson. Investigate the shooting and take it to a judge. Let the system deal with it. If anyone wants to protest, then stop by the police station and protest - or fill out an application. Make the change from the inside.

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