Two guys harass officer, try breaking his cop car windows

October 26, 2020 / 40.4K views

Here's two guys harassing an officer and trying to break his windows. The one guy has a lacrosse stick and clearly isn't strong enough to break the windows. He also scoops with one hand, which means he must be a rookie or quit the team. The other guy throws a rock at the windshield and that gets a few cracks. That same guy punches the passenger window, but his hand probably hurts now and when he throws a stick, it doesn't get very far and makes an odd sound when it dings the bottom of the cop car.

Those guys are very lucky the cop didn't get out and manhandle the two of them and crack some skulls together. Or at the very least, drop some voltage into them with a taser while backup arrives to throw them in the slammer. I don't know what possesses people to act like this. It's some sort of rage that I simply don't have. What exactly did the officer do to those guys that made them so mad, other than exist?

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