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Unhinged Maddow wants Trump off TV, says 'it's going to cost lives'

March 21, 2020 / 1.1K views

MSNBC show host, Rachel Maddow, has come fully unhinged, practically demanding that President Donald Trump be taken off the air as she accuses him of lying, and takes it a step further by saying it will cost lives. As posted on the Maddow Blog Twitter page, "Maddow: If Trump is going to keep lying like he has been every day on stuff this important, we should, all of us, stop broadcasting it. Honestly, it's going to cost lives."

ABC News conducted a poll on how Trump is handling the coronavirus situation and 55% reported to be satisfied.

As stated on Complex, "In a new poll, it has been revealed that Americans are split on Donald Trump's response to the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic. Conducted by ABC News and global market/opinion research firm Ipsos, the poll found that 55 percent of those surveyed approve of the President's response to the crisis, which has shifted from skeptical to serious in a matter of weeks."

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Don't forget, these polls are often by small numbers of people, not representative of the entire country, and therefore I always think polls are basically asking people at lunch how they feel about something.

Either way, the poll shows 55% of people liking what Trump has done during this pandemic and it was conducted by ABC News, so it's got some legitimacy to it of course.


But don't tell that to Rachel Maddow, she'll just lose her mind.

Speaking of approval ratings... how's the ratings for Maddow's show?

She's doing alright, hanging in there with Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson. But, there's a catch. According to Mark Joyella at Forbes, "Fox had the lion's share of top-rated shows in prime time, with four of the top five in cable news: Hannity, Tucker Carlson Tonight, The Five and The Ingraham Angle."


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