Vice principal throws beer at people amid dispute over biological male in women's bathroom

April 29, 2021 / 445 views

A vice principal of a school in New Jersey was seen on video throwing a beer on some patrons after his wife experienced a biological male in the women's bathroom.

The biological male is a transgender woman and the vice principal's wife did not seem happy or comfortable being in the bathroom with that person, who is biologically a male.

The incident was caught on video.

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A report later confirmed the incident as well:

The vice principal of a New Jersey public school was captured on video throwing his beer on several patrons at a restaurant who filmed his wife complaining about a transgender female, a biological male, allegedly using the women’s restroom.

One clip of the rant depicts Michael Smurro, who is the vice principal of Neptune Middle School, in a back-and-forth with fellow customers at Ethel’s Lantern Light Restaurant and Tavern in Smithville, after his wife Lisa took umbrage with someone she described as a transgender female in the lady’s room.

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“She’s a man, she was in the woman’s bathroom,” Lisa Smurro is seen telling a waitress. “She’s a man.”

“She’s a man,” Lisa Smurro continues to respond while holding what looks like a beer in one hand. “How are you okay with this? What is wrong with everybody?” she asked.

Moments later, Michael Smurro approached holding a beer and wearing a Superman t-shirt and joins in the fray, eventually tossing his drink at the woman lambasting them and taking video of the exchange.

And of course, this keeps the debate open on if biological males should be allowed in a women's bathroom.

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