Video of Ahmaud Arbery disputes claims he was 'out for a jog'

May 9, 2020 / 589 views

The following video appears to show Ahmaud Arbery before he was fatally shot after being pulled over by two men on the side of a road. Many have claimed the man was out for a jog and that he was hunted. Those claims face scrutiny after this video shows him walking around in a home that is under construction.

Despite the video of Arbery allegedly walking around the new construction, that does not mean the men who pulled him over, and eventually shot him, had any right to pull him over in the first place.

Upon them pulling up to Arbery, Arbery had nothing in his hands and appeared to be wearing shorts and a t-shirt, clothes that suggest he's out for a run.

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There was no reason for the men, even if someone called them, to act like they are police officers and pull someone over and eventually shoot them.

Arbery may have been in the wrong to be inside the new construction, but that's not something that requires vigilanteism and a shooting.

The men who shot Arbery were arrested, as they should've been. Knowing that there's video evidence of Arbery in the new construction, someone could've used that to push a case against Abery, but instead, he was shot by two men who made a bad decision.

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