Video released of 13-year-old Adam Toledo being shot by police, shows he had his hands up

April 15, 2021 / 33K views

Video footage showing 13-year-old Adam Toledo being shot by police while he had his hands up was released. The video shows the cop telling him to show his hands or put them up, so the kid does that, and the cop shoots him in the chest.

This video is likely to cause unrest and will probably result in the officer facing disciplinary action.

NBC Chicago reported:

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Video showing Chicago police fatally shooting 13-year-old Adam Toledo will be released Thursday afternoon, along with other materials related to the investigation.

Chicago's Civilian Office of Police Accountability announced on Wednesday that the video would be released Thursday, two days after Adam's family was shown the footage and 17 days after the shooting itself.

The report further said...

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The shooting took place in the early morning hours of March 29, according to police, who said officers responded to an alert of shots fired at 2:37 a.m. in the 2300 block of South Sawyer and saw two males in a nearby alley.

Both fled, according to police, who said officers chased them and one opened fire, shooting Adam in the chest. He was pronounced dead at the scene and a weapon was recovered, officials said.

NBC 5 has not independently verified the reports of the incident from police.

Immediately after the shooting, COPA initially said it would not publicly release body camera video of the shooting because of state law governing cases involving a juvenile, but reversed course under public pressure and said it would release the "troubling footage" once Adam's family was able to see it first.

"COPA has advised family representatives that, while it is acutely sensitive to the family’s grief and their desire to avoid public release of materials related to Adam’s tragic death, COPA is mandated to comply with the City’s Video Release Policy," the agency said Tuesday.

COPA is required by law to publicly release body camera footage no more than 60 days after a shooting.

COPA noted Tuesday that it is "committed to completing a full, thorough and objective investigation of the entire incident which includes not only the officer’s use of deadly force but also the actions of other involved officers leading up to and following the deadly shooting to determine whether each officers’ actions complied with Department policy directives and training."

Attorneys for Adam's family on Tuesday called the experience of seeing the videos "extremely difficult and heartbreaking for everyone present, and especially for Adam’s family."

This is so messed up...

Source: nbcchicago

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