Walter Wallace's father goes on CNN, tells looters to knock it off, don't tarnish his late son's name

October 28, 2020 / 1.6K views

Walter Wallace Jr was shot by Philadelphia police as he approached them with a knife and would not put it down. His father, Walter Wallace Sr., went on CNN with Chris Cuomo and expressed that he wants looters to stop destroying everything and ruining the resources they have in the neighborhood. Wallace Sr. does not want his son's name tarnished by the looting and destruction. He said if there's justice to be had, then he wants it done the legal way - not the illegal way.

Wallace Sr. is right. There is no justice in looting. The only thing people get out of looting is stolen goods and a destroyed neighborhood. Where are people going to shop now that Walmart is destroyed and looted? They might have to go to another town or neighborhood, and what if they don't have a car? Now the looters destroyed parts of the neighborhood and are left with a massive mess and less resources. It's literally the dumbest thing ever.

Chris Cuomo on the otherhand, you can tell he's getting antsy because he tried to stop Wallace Sr. from talking poorly about the looters and sounds like Cuomo was pushing for him to say he wants the cops in trouble. Just look at Cuomo's actions and face during the interview. His demeanor, in my opinion, shows that Cuomo wanted to control this narrative and wanted answers that support a more leftist agenda.

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Instead, the father spoke out against the looting and supported the justice system. Wallace Sr. is a good man and it's a shame he lost his son. No one should ever suffer through that, but what else were the cops supposed to do when the man approached them with a knife? Tasers don't always work, especially if someone is suspected of possibly being under the influence. You can't tell cops to shoot someone in the leg because shooting a moving target is extremely hard. What else can those cops do? Stand there and get hacked just to keep everyone else happy?

Literally no one talking bad about those cops are doing so in good faith. They're just angry people who don't know what it's like to be there in front of a man coming at you with a knife - and you know what, maybe if they were, they would understand the fear those cops had and how they too wanted to go home to their family.

And let's be honest here folks. Cops don't want to shoot anyone in today's society. The amount of paperwork, possible lawsuits, risk of losing job, protests and riots and looting - literally NO cop wants to shoot someone unless their own life is in danger.

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And that's what happened in Philly, but Democrats won't admit it and looters don't care. And that right there is your biggest problem.

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