Watters delivers 'Straight Up' fact check on Trump, sure to make liberals upset

March 22, 2020 / 6.2K views

Leave it to the one and only steak-eating Jesse Watters to drop some hammers on the Democrat liberals hating on Trump while he's stuck dealing with this pandemic while reporters and liberal media sometimes go after him. Time to sip on the liberal tears and enjoy this moment that is sure to make some of the liberal media figures get their britches in a bunch.

Watters tells it to us straight up. No sugarcoating, just facts.

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What Jesse Watters is doing in this video is exactly what we need more show hosts and media figures to do. Start calling each other out for their fake news and let's get rid of all the people pushing lies to the American people.

Rachel Maddow, Brian Stelter, and all those deranged celebrities like Madonna, Cher, and many others who spend more time yelling about Trump than actually doing something to contribute.

I like what Watters says - Trump is doing the best he can, but also being a bit realistic so there's not people having false hopes and ignoring the warnings about the contagious coronavirus.

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