Welcome to Pronouns 101, the holiday edition

November 25, 2020 / 1.4K views

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas with the pronoun Santa as one family member shows up with a powerpoint presentation to express themselves. I don't know if that's actually powerpoint or not, nor what her purpose was other than trying to express to her friends and family what's going on inside her head.

You have to wonder - does everyone have a gay aunt? Is this a result of bad parenting? Did something go wrong in her childhood or were her parents so rotten and neglectful and never hugged her that she felt the need to become or feel as though she is something else, so that people pay attention to her? People act out when they don't get enough attention and deep down, this could be an act.

Or maybe I just don't understand any of this and don't really care about the whole pronoun thing. I have two pronouns for myself, DUMB and ASS, and that's all anyone needs to know about me.

Also, Powerpoint is freaking terrible and no one likes it and no one likes anyone who still uses it. STOP USING POWERPOINT!

Do you smell your own farts?

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