White armed suspect shot in back, no sign of riots or protests

August 27, 2020 / 37.6K views

GrantB911 reported "Bodycam video released today shows Greenville County, SC deputies fatally shoot a man armed with a handgun. Michael Joseph Culbertson, 26, was wanted on traffic warrants, including resisting arrest, failure to stop for blue lights, interfering with police and reckless driving."

Police shot him in the back as he ran away and there is no sign of protests or riots for this man. Why is it that when a white suspect is shot, that people don't seem to care. People look at it as an armed criminal is taken down. When it's a black suspect, regardless of the situation such as them being armed, not armed, non-compliant, etc - there's protests and riots? It doesn't make sense and we can't say that every black suspect who is shot was the cops doing wrong. We need to look at the situation as a whole picture, view the evidence, and see what really happened. Just because the cops shoot a black suspect, that shouldn't be an automatic protest. If it's a bad shooting, then fine. No one supports bad behavior and those cops will be dealt with by the system, but let's get our act together America. Follow the law and stop running from the cops. Haven't we seen enough of this on social media to know better by now?

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Source: twitter

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