Woman brought Three Children to scream and yell at news station in Seattle

October 29, 2020 / 5.3K views

There's a group of protesters who showed up at King 5 news station in Seattle to protest or complain about people recording them and putting the footage on air. The protesters claim this is a form of doxxing, although it's actually just news.

To make things worse, one woman has brought THREE young children to the little protest where people are screaming, yelling, cursing, and acting uncivilized, which is why people record them and put it on social media and the air in the first place.

It's absolutely disturbing that a woman would bring three young children to something like this. This is no place for children, nothing they should be at or be part of, and you have to wonder what kind of parent or babysitter would do such a thing to a child. I don't know if they are her kids, or she's watching them for someone else, but someone needs to sit this person down and have a talk about how inappropriate she is, because it's frankly disgusting what she did.

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And listen folks - if you don't want to be recorded acting like a fool in public or getting arrested, then don't be acting like a fool and getting arrested. It's not that hard and literally NO ONE cares about your protest.

Source: twitter

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