Voice contestant left with hole in face after creepy bug bite

Arachnophobia people beware - this story is going to have you terrified! Pretty and talented singer Meghan Linsey might not have been scared of spiders before, but I bet she is now. The terrifying spider that caused this devastation on her face is called a Brown Recluse. 

The Brown Recluse is approximately the size of a quarter (including the legs) and ranges in color from light to dark brown. This spider is also known as the "Fiddleback Spider" because it has a violin-shaped marking on it's abdomen. This spider might sound small, and possibly even cute due to its violin decoration, but don't be fooled, this thing is a terrifying menace!

Country singer Meghan Linsey is opening up about a venomous spider bite that opened up a hole in her face. 

The former voice contestant woke up one morning at her home in Nashville, Tennessee with a stinging sensation on her face, only to discover a dying spider in her right hand. According to People.com, Linsey later found out the spider was a brown recluse, one of the deadliest spiders in North America.

She rushed to urgent care, and told People, “The swelling was the first thing, and then I ended up just having crazy, crazy symptoms. I had muscle spasms, then I had a body rash all over…Every day was another thing.”

The swelling, however, wasn’t the worst part, as Linsey explained on her Instagram. “I was supposed to be getting better, but I was getting worse – up until day nine, which is when the symptoms stopped happening and the necrosis started on my face,” she said.

If you live in a colder climate you can breathe a sigh of relief - not so fast, Southern states! The Brown Recluse is typically found in Mid-Atlantic Southern states, down to Texas and Florida. This nasty creepy crawly loves to hide in sneakers, bedding, furniture, and closets. Basically anywhere warm and comfy inside your house. 

I have a personal and horrific past with the Brown Recluse spider. I grew up in the Carolinas and was always warned to shake out my shoes before putting them on, lest I be bitten by one of these spiders. Unfortunately, I was not cautioned to shake out my clothing and was bitten on the upper thigh by one of these tiny monsters. 

What started out as a tiny bite that resembled a mosquito bite ended up swelling to the size of a golf ball by the time I was hospitalized. It was a horrific experience that ended in tissue necrosis, just like Meghan Linsey. Fortunately for Meghan, hers appears to have been a mild case. I was not so lucky and ended up being hospitalized multiple times from my Brown Recluse bite. 

Let this article serve as a warning to all of you readers in the South - Shake out that clothing or feel the wrath of the tiny monstrous menace, the Brown Recluse Spider.

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