VP Kamala Harris announces new job leading National Space Council

Vice President Kamala Harris announced her new job this week and she'll be leading the National Space Council. No seriously, I am not making this up. I know you're laughing hysterically right now, but please - this is not a joke. Kamala Harris posted it on Twitter, saying, "As I've said before: In America, when we shoot for the moon, we plant our flag on it. I am honored to lead our National Space Council."

I don't know what Kamala Harris knows about space, but it's probably not enough for her to lead anything science related.

And when is she going to do this job? She still has the border to work on. Let me guess, no trips planned to Mexico, but she's trying to get us in space again? Is that how this works?

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If there's a border crisis on Mars, then maybe she won't even go.

But seriously, what qualifications does Kamala Harris have to even TALK about space exploration? This stuff is way over her level of intelligence.

She's going to be the potato in the room when Joe Biden isn't there.

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She'll be saying things like, "can we wear water shoes and walk on the sun?"

NY Post put things a little more professional and reminded us that Kamala Harris has so many other jobs to do - and that she's getting slammed for doing a poor job.

Harris has been slammed for her lackluster performance as the nation’s migration czar, a job that President Biden gave her March 24 as illegal immigrants surged into border states like Texas and Arizona in record-breaking numbers.

While Biden called his No. 2, the former attorney general of California, “the most qualified person” to lead that effort, she has made no move to visit the US-Mexico border to speak with enforcement officers or evaluate overflowing detention centers as the influx intensified.

Vice President Kamala Harris has yet to visit the US-Mexico border after being tapped by President Joe Biden to be the nation’s migration czar. AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin, File

The White House has tried to recast her duties, insisting that she will focus on correcting the “root causes” of migration and not on the border crisis as a whole.

On Monday, Biden assigned Harris to lead his new Task Force on Worker Organizing and Empowerment, a pro-union effort that will “empower workers to organize and successfully bargain with their employers,” the White House said.

I just can't take the Joe Biden and Kamala Harris administration seriously.

We have a potato president and a useless noodle as vice president.

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