Shooter Kills 4 at Waffle House And Runs Away Naked

Tennessee police are on the hunt for a man believed to be the "nude shooter" who stormed into a Waffle House very early in the morning on 4/22 and shot multiple people. The shooter was stopped by a customer who wrestled the gun away from the shooter. The shooter, who was wearing only a green jacket had ditched the coat and took off running in the nude after the weapon was taken from him.

The alleged suspect is 29-year-old Travis Reinking.

It all started when Reinking arrived at the Waffle House located in Antioch, Tennessee, and shot two people as he was walking up to the door. Then he went inside and shot more people. Then the gun was wrestled away. Then Reinking dropped his coat, showing he was nude underneath and took off running.

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Multiple injuries and several fatalities were listed. The man who took the gun away from the shooter was treated for minor injuries, but several others were shot and lost their lives. The gun Reinking used was an AR-15, but the type of gun doesn't matter. When you've got a naked man walking around shooting people, then that's more than a gun problem. He could have done this with a handgun or any other weapon.

News Channel 5 reported more details on the injuries:

Police said six of the eight people injured were shot.

Fatality/Injury Info.:
3 people were shot and killed at the Waffle House
1 person was shot but transported to the hospital where they later died
2 people were shot and are being treated at the hospital
2 people were injured but not shot
Witnesses said he was nude wearing only a green jacket and got away on foot after the patron took him down. 
Police believe Reinking lives in an apartment in the area. At some point he shed his jacket and was spotted running naked through the area. He's believed to have ran home and put on black pants.
Vanderbilt University Medical Center officials said they received three patients from the shooting: one died at the hospital, one was considered critical but stable and the other was in critical condition.
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Anti-gun activists will use this to push a gun-grabbing agenda, but they will ignore that this man who walked around naked to shoot people had a little something else going on besides a gun problem.

There could be a lingering mental problem, or not. Maybe it's not a mental illness or a gun problem. 

Maybe the shooter is an asshole.

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Did we ever stop to think that JUST MAYBE some people are assholes who do stupid things?

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