Walmart uses armed employee to protect Blue Bell ice cream after nasty incident

After one woman shot a video of herself opening up a tub of Blue Bell ice cream in a Texas Walmart store and licking it, then putting back in the fridge, one employee tried to make fun of the whole incident by standing there with a play pistol. Although it seems he changed his mind later.

He took a picture of himself in front of the row containing Blue Bell ice cream looking serious while holding a gun - a water gun that is.

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He also typed in the message saying that employees in this store are guarding the ice cream so that people can buy it for their weekend parties without worrying that someone will put their tongues in it.

Still, he decided to remove the picture sometimes later, even though it went viral and produced mostly positive comments. It could be that Walmart asked him to delete the image as the company is trying to bury the whole incident.

It all started on June 28 when a girl posted on her Instagram a video where she has opened Blue Bell ice cream, licked it and then putting it back in the freezer. What made everyone even angrier was her confession that she had the flu at the moment and that she asked everyone to join in and start an epidemic.

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The police had no trouble finding her, but they won't release any details because she is a minor. Her Instagram profile has since been suspended. Blue Bell Creameries found and removed the tempered ice cream from the store, as they've explained that their products are sealed in that way, that if someone opened it, it should be noticeable.

In 1983 Federal Anti-Tempering Act was passed, after a Chicago Tylenol murders, when someone laced potassium cyanide into acetaminophen, branded by Tylenol.

Seven people died because of it. 

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