War Machine Sentenced to Life in Prison for Beating Ex GF Christy Mack

35-year-old MMA fighter Jonathan "War Machine" Koppenhaver has been sentenced to life behind bars for attacking ex-girlfriend Christy Mack and her friend Corey Thomas in August 2014. Koppenhaver is reportedly happy to go to prison. He wrote on Twitter than many men cry in their prison cells after being sentenced, but now can he cry tears of sorrow over the circumstances responsible for saving his soul.

Koppenhaver has been convicted of 29 charges those of which include kidnapping and sexual assault and will not be able to get any kind of parole until after 36 years of his sentence.

War Machine is eligible for parole after 36 years.

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Christy Mack was said to have suffered broken ribs, a lacerated liver, had teeth knocked out, and broke her nose. She woke up in the shower with no clothes on after she was attacked.

Mack claimed that the fighter repeatedly hit her in the ear with the handle of a kitchen knife, “sawed off” her Mohawk and beat her to the point of blacking out during the two-hour attack.

In court in March, she said the next thing she remembered after the attack was waking up in the shower without clothes on.

Mack suffered a lacerated liver, a broken nose, two lost teeth and a fractured rib.

Koppenhaver beat Mack horribly and caused terrible injuries showing how violent he is outside of a sanctioned professional fight. No one should suffer a beating this brutal, especially people who are unable to defend themselves.

War Machine's beating lasted about two hours. Koppenhaver also used a knife to cut her hair and hit her.

The MMA fighter, whose real name is Jonathan Koppenhaver, was sentenced Monday to life in prison.

He could be granted parole after 36 years.

In March, the 35-year-old ex-fighter was convicted of 29 charges, including kidnapping and sexual assault.

Koppenhaver was accused of attacking his porn star ex-girlfriend Christy Mack and her friend Corey Thomas in August 2014.

 Koppenhaver's comments on Twitter about being sent to prison saving his soul may give insight into what kind of man he is and whether he is mentally stable. Many may question if he'll be mentally stable, or even alive, when his chance for parole finally happens. He clearly cannot manage his anger in a way that prevents him from harming people.

Many may not agree that his crime warrants a life sentence, but others feel a life sentence is not enough.

This story could potentially voice a strong message about the severity of abuse towards women.

Stronger sentences for abuse towards women might teach a lesson and prevent people from committing a terrible crime like what War Douche did to Christy Mack.

Do you agree with the life sentence? If not, then what would be the appropriate sentence for him?

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