The Charlottesville magistrate has issued a warrant for the arrest of DeAndre Harris. He hit someone with a flashlight, got his butt kicked, and now he has a warrant out for his arrest and he might be charged with a felony. This all stems from the horrendous Charlottesville event called "Unite the Right" where far right wing political supporters protested with Tiki Torches and left wing extremists counter-protested. The event lead to the death of three people - two in a helicopter crash and one far left enthusiast who was ran over by the domestic terrorist who drove his Dodge Challenger into a crowd.

DeAndre Harris was the 20-year-old guy who was beat by sticks when several far right supporters attacked him in retaliation to an attack that he provoked. The way it works is that when one side protests, and another side shows up to protest the protest - the second side is always guilty of starting trouble. The reason for this is because they should've stayed home in the first place. People should not protest the protest of another group. That is called a recipe for disaster. That is a fight waiting to happen. That is trouble brewing and everyone's taking a sip. Besides the fact that protesting is for people with no life, protesting a protest is for people with even less of a life.

When Antifa and Black Lives Matter crews showed up to the Charlottesville event, they went with the intent to disrupt and cause trouble. Everyone knows that's a fact. Had they all stayed home, the three people who lost their lives would still be alive today. The far left supporters have their own blood on their hands. Just because we can protest, does not mean that we should protest. And just because we can counter protest, definitely does not mean we should. In fact, that's the most dangerous protest because what do you ever think will happen when two vigorously opposing sides clash in public with little to no police control? Someone will always get hurt.

Did anyone notice that there was another Tiki torch march in Charlottesville? No, not really. That's because the leftists stayed away this time. The event was barely talked about. No one cared. A bunch of weirdo guys walked around with tiki torches and literally no one cared. No one talked about it. It just happened and went away. That's how the first one could've been, but the brain-dead leftists couldn't resist to resist. They just had to show up and cause trouble. It's essentially all the left is good at and they're not really that good at it. 

They're good at playing the victim card though, which is what the mainstream media is doing, or exploiting, DeAndre Harris as - the victim. Sure, he's the victim who showed up to the wrong party and hit someone first, then suffered his consequence.

The leftist publications and some mainstream media outlets made DeAndre Harris their white knight who was made to look like an innocent victim who was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Sure, he got the crap kicked out of him by way too many people in a fight that was far from fair - but let's be honest with ourselves and remind everyone that DeAndre Harris is no angel. We cannot act like DeAndre Harris was at the Charlottesville incident with no intention to start trouble. Video evidence of him participating in flag burning, scuffles, etc is what reminds us of the facts.

The leftist publications and mainstream media are blowing this up and acting like DeAndre Harris is a victim. They're all basing this on his skin color. They're exploiting him because of his race. Take notice to how many websites are writing "black man who was beat by white guys" - that's racial tension being sparked by the mainstream media. That's websites looking for headline clicks. I don't mind it as long as they admit what they're doing is intentional. Why can't their headlines say "man who was beat by several other guys" instead? Why do they have to put the color of DeAndre Harris' skin and the color of the men who beat him?

Watch this video that shows DeAndre Harris allegedly hitting a man with a flashlight. Harris doesn't even seem to be part of the confrontation, he just swoops in from the victims left and sucker punches the guy with a flashlight, then basically takes off. I'm pretty sure this is right before he was retaliated upon by several men who hit him back with weapons. In this scenario, I say he got what he asked for. He went looking for a fight and he got one, but he lost, and his friends are wimps who wouldn't back him up.

Here's the video of DeAndre Harris most likely starting the fight that got his butt kicked up, down, left, and right.

What about the color of the man's skin who was hit with the flashlight when DeAndre sucker punched him with a it? It's on video. It's definitely DeAndre Harris and it happened right before he got his butt handed to him by a bunch of knuckle-headed stick boys.

DeAndre Harris should be charged with the crime of hitting someone with a flashlight, one which looked very heavy and dangerous - hard enough to crack a skull open.

This is not a justification of him getting beat up, because the beating he took was not a fair fight and certainly not cool at all. This is just a reminder that Harris was not an innocent victim, but more like a perpetrator of violence who possibly started a fight and then lost because he had no backup. Just because he lost the fight, does not make him innocent. It just makes him a person who lost a fight, one in which I believe could've been avoided had he not went to that silly event in the first place.

Just because I believe Harris should be charged, that does not mean I support the people who beat him up. I don't support anyone who was at the Charlottesville event. I think they're all ridiculous. I think everyone who was there and fighting should be charged with a crime. Think about the people who live in the town and had to deal with the crowd? That's not fair to them, right? They don't deserve this nonsense in their neighborhood.

The truth about Charlottesville is that there was no winners that day.

The far right looked bad. The far left looked bad. There was not a single winner, just a lot more losers than normal.

I'll just kick my feet up and watch the far right and far left spark the civil war. Hopefully it's on demand or pay per view. I'd like to watch them destroy each other.

Maybe the mainstream media would present that in a neutral voice and not be so partisan, but I guess taking sides is all the rage now.

Can't we chill in the middle and look at each situation based on facts?

Or are facts old school and outdated?

While we're at it - here's DeAndre participating in flag burning. He's a real stand up classy guy. I'm shocked he didn't ask a far right fella to borrow his Tiki torch.

"Excuse me, sir, may I borrow your Tiki torch to light this flag on fire?"

"Why yes, please do so. Then let's fight and pretend we're both the victim!"

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