Warren pressures Pelosi on impeachment, says ‘Some Things Are Above Politics’

Sen. Elizabeth Warren put the pressure on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to impeach President Donald Trump and stated that 'some things are above politics.' Warren says she understands the reasons that many Democrats are against impeachment, but Warren is pushing for it and believes that it's the right thing to do.

Many of those who oppose impeachment might have the feeling that this is not where people and the country wants to be right now. Do we really want to be impeaching our president when there isn't much to impeach him on? That's a question that many Democrats are struggling with because they want Trump impeached, but they don't really have a solid reason to impeach him - at least nothing that would give them the end result they likely want, which is Trump leaving office.

A report by David Rutz on the Free Beacon stated that Warren had called for the impeachment back in April after she allegedly read the Mueller Report. She was the first Democratic presidential candidate to call for Trump's impeachment as well.


Rutz continued, stating that Warren made another push for impeachment while she was speaking at a NAACP presidential candidate forum located in Detroit (The Hill).

April Ryan was the moderator and she discussed the impeachment concept with Warren, and that's when Nancy Pelosi came up. "Moderator April Ryan asked Warren for her thoughts about the NAACP's resolution in support of impeachment, "particularly because Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House, is not for impeachment right now?"


Warren's response was this:

"I understand there are people who for political reasons say this is not where we want to be, but in my view some things are above politics... And one of them is our constitutional responsibilities to do what is right, and the responsibility of the Congress of the United States of America, when a president breaks the law, is to bring impeachment charges against that president."

"My view is, whether it would pass the Senate or not, this is a moment in history and every single person in Congress should be called on to vote and then to live with that vote for the rest of their lives."

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As of now, there does not seem to be much action on any possible impeachment. Perhaps Democrats hoped that Mueller's report would give them solid ground to base the impeachment on, but it appears that fell far short.

It didn't help that Matt Gaetz made Robert Mueller stumble during today's hearings.

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