Obama's buddy won't call “Fu*k White People” a hate crime? WTF!!

screen-shot-2017-01-06-at-12-53-02-pmObama's homeboy, Josh Earnest, is a jerkwad. He won't call the Chicago kidnap and torture of a white disabled guy a hate crime.


Watch this and then let's talk.


President Obama’s spokesman, Josh Earnest, sipping from a coffee mug from the podium in the White House press room, was unable to utter the summon up the words labeling the act for what it was, engaging in a delicate dance, sidestepping the issue with carefully crafted dissembling language.

Calling the video “disturbing,” Earnest admitted that he hadn’t spoken to Obama about the incident.

Earnest’s remarks came in the course of a White House press conference a day after the victim was found walking on a Chicago street, bloodied and disoriented, dress inadequately against the bitter cold.

What was in that coffee mug, your direct orders from the President Obammer to not call it a hate crime? Are people not calling this a hate crime so that we write stories about them and they get some media attention? I think that's it. There MUST be someone who disagrees with the majority so that there's at least a little bit of conflict. That's good for ratings. I see what they did there.

Let's talk about Chicago now.

Hey Obama, where you at bro? Your hometown of Chicago is burning at the stake of murder. They could use some help restoring the windy city to order.

Between the mass amounts of black on black crime, this hate crime of kidnap and torture, and everything else that you can hear on the police scanner of Chicago - we have to ask one question.

Does Obama not care about Chicago because that's not really where he's from?

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