This video is great!

A trash talking putz thinks he can hang with the big boy who has training taking down punks left and right.

The topless guy who can’t properly wear a belt gets his face smashed in by the guy on the right. Where did the other guy get his pants? Foreman Mills where everything is XXXL and $4? Watch the video of a classic beat down.

Good job bro. You got knocked out like Debo in Friday. Where’s Chris Tucker to stand over your body and mimic one of the most memorable moments of modern cinema?


That’s right folks! Step right up to our friend in the uniform. We don’t know the guy, but we’ll support anyone who knocks out a degenerate who can’t pull their pants up. You know where this whole “show everyone my underwear” and “wear my pants sagging” started right? IN PRISON! Guys wore their pants like this so they could show everyone whose backside was available for some lovin’. I would say thug passion, but that’s a Tupac song, and I really like Tupac so I won’t insult his hologram existence by mentioning this loser in the video in the same sentence as one of the best rappers of all time. Even if Tupac couldn’t figure out how to wear a belt, I still think he’s cool.

Unlike the guy in the video who mouths off to someone who might one day be a well respected war hero.

Anyone setting foot in a uniform deserves respect.

People get sent to third world countries to help protect the price of gas or smash skulls of terrorists. What do we do? Sit home on our overweight bottom, eat bacon, play candy crush, love America, and look at dirty websites. But that’s America and we love it.

I don’t know the guy in the video who got his ass beat, but I betcha he loves America now! I bet he might pull those pants up and look respectable. Maybe go get a job or something, sheesh!

Work clothes are better than orange jumpsuits.

Wearing your pants sagging just makes you look like a flaming homosexual, which is actually offensive to gays because they’re always well dressed.

You won’t see a gay dressing like this loser.

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