Man accused of waterboarding and torturing woman for hours

What a sick, sick world we live in. Here's a guy who allegedly beat his girl, burnt her with a lighter to cut off her hair, raped her, and even tried to go full ISIS and waterboard her.

He's a West Virginia guy making everyone else look bad. I know that most West Virginia males aren't like this guy and we shouldn't give that area a bad reputation or anything. But darn, if he doesn't look like your typical white trash womanizer, than I don't know who does. He has the tribal wrap-around tattoo on one arm and that typical "act like I care about the sun" looking thing on the other arm, and the sleeveless shirt to show it off. You don't wear a sleeveless shirt unless you're at a BBQ, beach, or the gym. Looks like he wears sleeveless shirts when he's doing physical activity too, like beating women.

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Cool dude? Nope. Epic douche who must be really angry at life to go full ISIS and try waterboarding people.

I hope the American Government brings back waterboarding and worse. No sense to play nice with the enemy.

I hope she recovers and finds a better guy.

WVAH - Kevin Woodrum, 43, of Gordon is charged with malicious wounding, sexual assault, kidnapping, strangulation, domestic battery and domestic assault, according to a criminal complaint filed in Boone County Magistrate Court.

West Virginia State Police said they went to a residence in Gordon Saturday to investigate a domestic situation. They said Woodrum asked them to leave unless they had a warrant and told them the woman was asleep. Eventually, they were able to talk to the woman and noticed she had severe swelling and bruising on her face. The complaint said she told officers that Woodrum had been beating her for hours.

Woodrum was arrested, and the woman gave a detailed statement to officers. She said Woodrum became enraged at her Friday and tied her hands and feet to the bed. She said he punched and slapped her multiple times in the face and burned her with a lighter several times across the body.

While she was held captive, she said, Woodrum sexually assaulted her and choked her to the point she would black out. She also said he threatened to kill her. The complaint said he also cut off a large amount of her hair with scissors and poured water in her face with a large cup in an attempt to “water board” her.

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