'We are deporting ourselves' - Immigrants Annoyed With Trump Leave On Their Own

An immigrant man and his family are deporting themselves because they are tired of Donald Trump and staying in the United States. The man, Khaled Altarkeet, has an L-1 visa that was valid for one year and allowed him to work on his business. His business is a cafe in San Jose and he has six employees. 

He does not want to deal with trying to extend his visa or become a citizen, so he's closing his shop, donating the food, and getting on a plane back to Kuwait. He's taking his wife and four children with him. He tells Mercury News that he will find another country who is more accepting since America does not want him.

There might be some missing information on this because it doesn't make sense that he would be denied. However, if Kuwait is one of the countries that President Trump has targetted due to the amount of terrorism stemming from the location, then that could have a particular effect. 

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Then again, it seems like the family is deporting themselves because they don't feel like doing the paperwork or applying for more extensions in hopes to finally get approved.  If he's running a legitimate business, paying taxes, and employs people - then it seems like he would be an instant approval because he's contributing to America with taxes and job creation.

Independent wrote more on the visa situation:

"A man who employs six people in California is so fed up of fighting to remain in the US he and his family have “deported” themselves. 

Khaled Altarkeet, the owner of a café in San Jose, donated leftover food to Catholic charities before boarding a plane to Kuwait with his wife and four children after he was unable to extend his business visa. 

Mr Alterkeet initially obtained an L-1 visa, which was valid for one year, in order to work on his business. But immigration authorities refused to grant the entrepreneur an extension when he applied in October, on the grounds he failed to prove he was the manager or an executive. 

“Normally, for a visa extension, we do it in our sleep,” Mr Altarkeet’s lawyer, Steven Riznyk, told the newspaper. “We don’t have problems with extensions. All of a sudden, lawyers are calling me, asking, ‘What the heck is going on?’ Everyone is getting these crazy decisions and don’t know what to do with it."

The other problem is that Alterkeet has a lawyer who can't figure out a way to get a legitimate family approved. Is the lawyer no good? Is the family up to something that we're not hearing about?

Why would they leave if they're doing everything legitimately? The paperwork to get extensions and an approved visa or citizenship will be lengthy, but it's well worth it for anyone who wants to stay in America.

If this family was running a legitimate business, then they should have stayed and gone through all the annoying paperwork that was required. Even if they were denied, they could still file appeals and fight for their citizenship.

To see them give up so easily, especially since they're running a legitimate business, means they are either too lazy to fight for their visa or they might be up to something shady.

What is your opinion of the family who deported themselves?

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