Agents Find Two Tons Of Weed Disguised As Lettuce

Officers at U.S Customs and Border Protection in Texas were shocked when they found a truck load of lettuce trying to pass through. This is unusual because that lettuce does not usually come through customs so understandably it was checked out and what they found will shock you.

Disguised inside the lettuce was $800,000 worth of weed! Would you believe that?

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According to a statement made by Customs and Border Protection, the weed and lettuce managed to cross the Laredo-Colombia Solidarity International Bridge before being picked up by a narcotics K-9 team. This is apparently not the first time they have found weed in some kind of fruit or vegetables. Reported by CNN earlier in the year, weed was also found in key limes. 

Can you imagine a key lime pie with a little bit of the good stuff mixed in? Good lawd!

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Would you like a salad with that?

That might have been what officers at U.S. Customs and Border Protection in Texas where thinking when a truck load of lettuce tried passing through inspection.

Disguised inside the veggies was almost $800,000 of weed.

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According to a statement by the CBP, the lettuce and 2 tons of weed crossed the Laredo-Colombia Solidarity International Bridge and was discovered by a narcotics K-9 team.

"This is truly an example of our CBP officers' hard work, experience and dedication to the CBP mission," they said.

I have heard about some crazy ways to smuggle drugs into a country, but never inside any kind of fruit or vegetables. If this product didn't need customs approval before, well it sure does now! With the past stories of drugs being found inside fruit, it may be wise to make this a standard practice to check all fruit and vegetables. Although, why would the smuggle weed here anymore? America is making it legal in many places, so who wants to buy the cheap stuff?

I wonder if the people smuggling weed into America like to enjoy a salad with their marijuana? Maybe they have a craving for some crispy greens and some burning greens too. Perhaps a little healthy salad goes a long way when someone gets the munchies.

Finding the drugs is a very good thing as there's no regulation on the smuggled product and there's no quality control on it once it gets into the hands of drug dealers. Some dealers tamper with the product and make it extremely unsafe for people.

Is this the most funny way you've seen drugs smuggled into America? What other funny ways have people tried to get the funky green stuff across the border?

Share some stories in the comment section!

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