We need to support people like State Rep. Shaunna O’Connell who appears to be trying to stop the prisoners from getting welfare as soon as they're released.

It's like they get released and HERE'S FREE MONEY! HAVE A GOOD DAY!

Hell no. You go to jail, then you come out and start over. That's part of the plan, but I suppose part of the problem too.

Hard to start over when you're an adult.

I guess these guys just won’t ever get a job or become productive citizens.

If you go to jail for a little bit, then when you get out you can get free money thanks to a flawed system that doesn’t crash down on the recipients like it should. Does that sound like a plan? It might to some people who spend their entire life milking the system for every last cent they can get without ever working for a dime of it. That’s going to become the mindset of every criminal leaving prison. Why would they ever work for anything if they can get it for free?

The program is facing tirades of backlash from families who actually need the welfare benefits to get them through tough times. There are outbursts from people who know this is a ridiculous and scandalous thing to do. This is called democrat handouts. This is how the democrats help keep people poor and leech votes from the welfare queens.

If you want prisoners to turn into contributing citizens, then force them to learn job trades and skills while in prison. Turn the prisons into learning systems. Then when the prisoners are released, they have skills to help them get decent jobs and they can be productive citizens. They’ll be working all the time and too distracted to commit any more crime. A prison reform that teaches people to be hard workers is better than handing them money when they get out. That’s like a damn reward for being a scumbag!

Teaching people in prison a trade skill would help prisoners get more productive jobs and perhaps less would return to jail.

I say skip the welfare and teach people how to be productive. If they still come back to jail, then oh well, you tried. It's up to them to make a living, but only if we help people learn the skills they need. If they had the skills to be something great in life, then what the heck are they doing in an orange jumpsuit?

Take it from my friend, Mr. French.


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Posted on January 16, 2017 in News and filed under crime, Democrat, Welfare.