Where are the Anguished Mothers of those who died in big cities?


Anyone who has watched broadcast or cable TV lately will see the parade of victims of the last few school shooting. Facebook has pages devoted to the school shootings. There is a group of politicians proposing Gun Control laws again to save our children. This is the exact same call made by Adolph Hitler, Joseph Stalin, and Mao Zedong. All of these were Authoritarian Leaders that committed heinous acts and atrocities to either ethnically or politically cleaning their countries. I have a few questions; where is the Mass Main Stream Media covering the gun deaths in Chicago, Philadelphia, and Baltimore? Where is the never ending stream of distraught parents and family members of the slain children in these cities? Why are our representatives following the paths of Tyrants?

Since 2012 there have been 3218 gun deaths in Chicago according to the Chicago Tribune, and 647 gun deaths in Baltimore according to thetrace.org. This is a total of 2192 days. This averages to nearly two gun death per day in just two cities. Where are the Black Lives Matters people? Where is the Main Stream Media? Where are the National Black Leaders condemning the mostly Black on Black murders in these cities?

Philadelphia is worse than Baltimore in homicide by guns. 1702 people have died in Philly since 2012. The city of brotherly love has very strict gun laws. Blacks are by far the majority of the victims. Averaging from 75 – 80% of the victim pool for the past 5 years. Again I ask the questions where are the National leaders, where are the Prime time reporters, Where are the leaders of BLM? Why are we not seeing a constant parade of family members of the maimed and dead on TV?

There is a solution to these homicides; back in the 70’s a group of citizens in NYC banded together to create the Guardian Angels to do “Safety Patrols.” This was and still is to my knowledge a peaceful group that took to riding on the subways to make it safe for the regular citizens of NYC. It has since branched out to more that 130 chapters. Where are the concerned citizens and civic leaders in these and other high crime cities? Why is the Media silent on all of these deaths? Could it be that the narrative of “take away the guns and the shooting will stop” is not working?

Black Lives Matters have more than enough professed members to put people in the streets in groups of 2 or 3 to monitor the neighborhoods. When criminal know they are being  watched they scatter like cockroaches when the lights are turned on. The BLM can draw from their members to make Chicago, Detroit, Baltimore, Los Angels, Philadelphia, Washington D.C, etc... safe again for the law abiding citizens. They are in a perfect position to help as they know the streets where crime is happening and can put people there to monitor. A group of concerned citizens can start walking the streets with cell phones and take pictures of the criminals for the police.

This could be dangerous for the citizens as the criminal will most undoubtedly be armed and not want to give up a lucrative drug sales street corner. But if enough people get out and show the criminals they are outnumbered they will do what they have always done move somewhere else where no one cares. Show them the community cares, and they will scatter like cockroaches they are.

Could the reason for the liberals silence be that the narrative of  "Banning guns to stop gun violence" has not worked in any city in which it has been tried? Or are the liberals wanting to take guns from law abiding citizens for other reasons?  

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