Which of 3 houses does Bernie go to after Joe Biden destroys him?

Joe Biden swept Bernie Sanders under the rug like some spilled unsalted crackers - dull and dirty, and don't feel like wasting energy to pick up the crumbs, so under the rug they go! Joe Biden has now won Florida, Arizona, and the Illinois primary tonight and that pretty much wraps it up for socialist Bernie Sanders.

Bernie the communist has almost no chance to come out of this on top and ruin America with his Democratic socialism nonsense that no one with a brain is falling for.

We already have coronavirus from some dude eating bats in China (or that lab they experimented at, but not sure I'm allowed to say that yet), so we don't need Americans eating street rats for supper like they do in dirty Venezuela.

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With these primary losses, Joe Biden now has 1,147 delegates with Bernie Sanders having 861. That fake Native American woman, Elizabeth Warren, had 72 before she dropped out like a sack of tomahawks.

Tulsi Gabbard is still technically in the election race, but she has 2 delegates, even though she is more likable than Bernie Sanders, and has more memory capacity in her pinky toe than Joe Biden who can barely remember who his wife and sister are. Oh, wait, they switched on him, right? Who cares.

The closer we get to the actual election, the more it seems like Joe Biden will be the candidate running against Donald Trump.

I don't think Bernie Sanders can pull this off. How does he have any chance after this? I don't think he does.

In fact, if Hillary Clinton said she wanted to run for president tomorrow, she would probably be more popular than both Biden and Sanders. Tulsi wouldn't even be a lint-ball on one of Clinton's pant suits.

To make things more sad for Bernie Sanders, he's losing this to a giant creeper. A guy who walks around smelling people.

Bernie Sanders' agenda is so bad that Democrat voters are siding with the dude who smells children in public, which is straight up creeper vibes.

When all is said and done, I just have one legitimate question.

Which one of his three homes will Bernie Sanders go to when he's officially out of the race?

And is he driving there in his fancy socialist sports car like a true socialist?

Does Joe Biden have a brain?

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