Whistleblower had 'professional relationship' with 2020 Democratic candidate


The whistle-blower has a personal connection, or as they call it, a professional relationship with a 2020 Democratic presidential candidate. The question now is, who? 


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 The Intelligence Community’s inspector general Michael Atkinson wrote in an August 26 letter that the anonymous whistle-blower shows some political bias for a rival political candidate. Weeks later, reports of the whistle-blower's possible bias indicated that it is a registered Democrat. 


The whistle-blower's lawyer Mark Zaid tweeted “Give me a break! Bias? Seriously?” However, his word only shows more evidence of possible bias on his client’s part. The inspector general reveals that there is a significant tie to one of the Democratic presidential candidates. 

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Sources have come forward and told that the inspector general knows that the whistle-blower worked for a Democratic candidate and has some type of professional relationship. Another source tells details of the whistle-blower disclosed that he has a working relationship with them. Three sourced verified that Atkinson did not identify the whistle-blower's bias. 


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The whistle-blower is alleged to have acted out of bias as the July 25 call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky is a public document anyone can see. Republicans want to know more about this complaint, both of the origins and the whistle-blower's connections. These questions must be answered in order for Republicans to say they know enough. 

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