There's no law when you're dressed like a 'White Claw' for Halloween


Do you want to break through the usual Halloween costume this year? Tired of being a witch, vampire and every supernatural creature with a costume that costs so much money? Want to stop hoarding costumes which end up in the attic because you can only use it once? Well, White Claw has an answer to your problems.


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Introducing White Claw dresses. Not only is White Claw aiming to be your choice of drink in the summer. It is now available as a costume for you this fall! Specifically, Halloween! Stand out with the usual, boring crowd filled with supernatural costumes and people just doing a halfhearted, last-minute costume that no one will really look at. 


Wearing White Claw dress that complements your body will remove the hassle of having to make your costume fits or that it allows you to flaunt your fall body. Plus, this dress will make heads turn. It's simple and eye-catching. After that, you don't have to dispose of this dress because it can also be worn after Halloween. Use it as an OOTD in the summer or pair it with leggings, a scarf and jacket to complete your winter look. 

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You have four flavors as your choices in this body-hugging super soft and stretchy dress. Represent your favorite flavor, Black Cherry, Mango, Natural Lime, and Ruby Grapefruit. 


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Before you start dissing, look at what you're missing. These shirts are available on Etsy for a limited time. It's becoming so popular that orders have been put on hold. So order now to get the costume of the year right on time. 

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