By Frank
Posted March 11, 2017

The mainstream media missed a chance for a wonderful story about a white cop and a black Vietnam vet. The reason this story wasn't a big deal? Because the white cop wasn't shooting, arresting, or tasering the black man. In fact, it is very much the opposite. But that doesn't fit the mainstream narrative, so not too many people heard about this awesome story.

An Anderson police officer has decided to give one of his kidneys to a Vietnam veteran. A perfectly amazing story that some of us had no idea was happening. That's a big deal! Both for the voluntary transfer of the kidney and for the fact that mainstream media didn't really care about this. It was mostly a local story for Anderson.

Here's a police officer sacrificing an organ so another man can stay alive. How is this not a good story?

This is what's wrong with the mainstream media. A feel good story won't go anywhere outside of it's local reach. Mainstream doesn't care about it. Mainstream only covers the bad news and they make it all about color. If a cop killed a suspect and they both had the same skin color, then mainstream ignores it. If the colors are opposite each other, particularly white cop vs black criminal, then mainstream media blows it way out of proportion.

Isn't that messed up? Isn't THIS a better story? We have two grown and well established men. One needs a kidney to survive. The other has a perfect match. They go through with it. That's a better story than any cop shooting a criminal. But it's not driven by race bait. Even though they're opposing skin colors, the story is too good for the big media to run with it. It's not important to the media. They don't care unless it's bad news and there's a white vs black story they can bait clickers with.

I'd rather see the world filled with good news.

ANDERSON, Ind.-- Police officers are used to helping strangers, but the help they give usually isn't as serious as an organ transplant.

Last summer, Anderson Police Department Lieutenant John Branson struck up a conversation with Vietnam veteran Edgar Roberts at a restaurant.

"I walked through a Cracker Barrel and I'd seen a gentleman sitting by himself, who had a Vietnam marine hat on," said Branson.

The two shared a meal and talked about Branson's son, who was about to graduate from the Naval Academy.

They also discussed how Roberts, 70, is in need of a new kidney. He lost both of his to cancer and has been on dialysis for five years.

After hearing that, Branson decided to get tested. He was a perfect match.

"He called me up and said we was a perfect match and I was just just couldn't believe it," said Roberts.

Now, Branson is preparing to go under the knife to donate a kidney and save his new friend's life.

"If you can make an impact, a difference this huge in someone's life, you should be able to do that without fail- without question," said Branson.

That's the feel good story of the week and mainstream media skipped it. I guess since the white guy does something nice, that it's not a big deal.

And I'm right about that. We should always do something nice for each other and every little thing we do isn't news worthy.

But donating a kidney to save a Vietnam veteran? That's newsworthy to me!

Both men are heroes.

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