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White House website drops Spanish page, because "No habla Espanol en la America"


This is interesting. The White House website no longer has the Spanish section. That's fine, because people who speak Spanish have translators on their web browser/computer anyway.

I'm just not sure I see the point of turning this off. Or wait. I do. This is America and we speak English here.

How could I forget that?

Some people speak Spanish, but this is an English speaking country and people should get acquainted with our native language.

Although, if the page in Spanish wasn't bothering anyone, then what was the point of taking it down other than being a jerk? A funny one, but it almost sends the wrong message.

If it wasn't bothering anyone, then it can go into archives or remain where it is. But then it isn't updated anymore and it becomes outdated and now you're stuck wasting money paying someone to update a website in a language that you don't even read.

Now that I think about it, I'm sold. Drop the Spanish page. I don't have Spanish on this site, so why should the White House? We're both a big deal and we don't have Spanish.

Spanish people can just translate it in their web browser. Why the heck do we have to pay for it with tax payer money.

Press Secretary Sean Spicer seemed a little bemused when asked during a press briefing when the White House would be adding on “Spanish-language” content, to their on-line capabilities and apparently felt the need to explain further that it’s only been a few days since President Trump took the oath of office, and of course the first website to officially go on-line would naturally be in English.

However this perhaps speaks to a wider generational and cultural  issue that rarely is addressed, in that America is considered a “melting pot” and it’s perhaps within that definition why America is the envy of the world, a nation of diverse cultures, diverse races and diverse languages, all coming together for one common goal to continue and ensure America’s proud heritage of immigrants coming to this land of opportunity and to assimilate into America’s culture, America’s history, and America’s ideals…that’s the definition of a “melting pot” and that’s what President Trump will emphasize within his administration.

Obama's old Spanish version site



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