Intruder breaks into White House while Trump at residence

Other side of the fence for you!

Late at night, a man with a backpack was caught and arrested after climbing the fence around the perimeter of the White House. Donald Trump was in residence at the time. The man was arrested without an issue. Authorities searched him and there was nothing hazardous in his backpack. No further details or identity of the man have been released at the time of this being published.

This is similar to an event, that happened in 2014, where 42-year-old Omar Gonzales was arrested for breaching White House grounds. He was also carrying a backpack, but he was armed with a knife.

He gained access by climbing the fence on the perimeter. Then he made it into a doorway and was promptly stopped and arrested without putting up a fight. His backpack also contained no hazardous materials.

A man has been arrested after breaching the White House grounds carrying a backpack, the Secret Service said.

The breach happened around midnight on Friday while President Donald Trump was in the building, the agency said.

The intruder was arrested without incident and no hazardous materials were found in the backpack.

Mr Trump and Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly were briefed on the incident.

The Secret Service said agents searched the grounds and found "nothing of concern to security operations".

Intruders have broken into the grounds of the White House before by scaling the perimeter fence, They are usually handed over to local police.

In 2014, 42-year-old Omar Gonzales made it through the north portico doors into the building, armed with a three-and-a-half-inch (9cm) folding knife.

He was arrested just after making it inside the doors, the Secret Service said at the time.

Maybe the backpack wasn't so that he could do damage, but that he could steal something top secret and give it to spies. What else do you carry a book-bag for if there's nothing in it? Maybe he wanted to steal a souvenir.

I'd like to know what his motive for breaching the grounds was. Was he after something? Or was he doing it for the thrill of stupidity, like how people run on the baseball field when they've had too many $9 drinks?

What do you think he was going to do?

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