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White Man Who Watches History Channel Now Identifies As Filipino

A white man in Florida has decided to identify as Filipino and live his life that way. His name is Ja Du, but his real name was Adam. He changed his name and his race. He's transracial which means he is of one race/ethnicity, but he "identifies" as another race/ethnicity. In other words, he's kind of like the male version of Rachel Dolezal - the white girl who claimed to be black. He's a white guy who identifies as Filipino, because in 2017 - that's just what we do.

NY Post reports that Adam, aka Ja Du, decided that he was transracial because he spent years learning about the Filipino life by watching the History Channel. That's funny because every time I turned on the History Channel, it was always some WWII or Hitler documentary. I don't recall seeing anything about Filipino lifestyle, so maybe the programming was different in his southern state of Florida.

Adam, aka, Ja Du suggested that he watched the History Channel for hours and told WTSP that "nothing else intrigued me more but things about Filipino culture."

There's more to the story than some white guy changing his race/ethnicity to something that he's not even close to resembling. He claims to embrace his new race by driving his purple car. He named his purple car Tuk Tuk.

So what you have is a white guy who claims to be Filipino driving a purple car named Tuk Tuk.


Like I said, this is totally normal for 2017.

Here's a video of Ja Du, the transracial white guy who identifies as Filipino. You can see his Tuk Tuk.


People on social media have been cracking so many jokes about what they identify with. If you had to identify as something new right now, then what would it be?

I identify as a toaster because the flip of a switch can get me hot and heated.

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