White man targets black college athlete in hit piece about Tweets from six years ago


Oklahoma Sooners quarterback Kyler Murray has just won the 2018 Heisman Trophy after scoring 50+ touchdowns and getting his team in the college football playoffs. It was only hours later that someone had already dug up his old tweets and posted an article about it. These are tweets from six years ago when Murray was just 15-years-old, calling his own friends "queer" and joking around - nothing hateful or homophobic, just teens talking silly and nothing more.

The Heisman awards were on Saturday night at 8pm, but hours later this random USA Today article by Scott Gleeson is released going after Murray for his teenage tweets. It was as though Gleeson had known about these tweets and held on to them just incase Murray won the Heisman trophy and then he could pounce on him with the article that made Murray look like someone who dislikes gay people - which he likely does not. Just a note to everyone reading - calling your own friends a queer does not make you homophobic.

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Sometimes you're just joking around and that's OK. Not to mention the fact that all of us as teenagers have said some silly things, but that does not mean they need to be dragged back into the open six years later. Who we are as teenagers six years ago is a lot different in most cases. People grow and mature.

This article on USA Today points out that Murray made several posts back in 2012 that said the word "queer" and my first thought was - who the hell cares? He was a kid doing and saying stupid things like kids do. He was calling his friends funny names, not targeting actual gay people and being mean to them - that would be a major difference. He was simply teasing his friends and that's not something to worry about. If the guy was actually targeting gay people and still doing it today, then yeah - that's wrong.

Regardless of the tweets and how innocent they were, Murray made a public apology anyway. No big deal. Apology wasn't needed, but he did it anyway to appease the masses.

Either way, Gleeson posted the article and it made the guy look bad for tweets from six years ago and it just makes me think - what kind of person digs up old tweets from a teenager and uses them for an article to make a popular college athlete who could go to the NFL look bad?

What does Scott Gleeson get out of this? Did his editor assign this article or did he purposely pick it out?

Is Scott Gleeson gay and offended by something a kid said six years ago?

Scott Gleeson is white and writing about a black athlete that puts a dent on the athlete's reputation. Is Scott Gleeson racist?

His resume is somewhat interesting. As shared by Ryan Saavedra on Twitter, it appears as though Gleeson covered some LGBT topics in sports, particularly homophobia. There's two points about that. 1) Did Gleeson sit on these tweets, because things like this don't just resurface unless you dig for them 2) Calling a friend "queer" does not make someone homophobic, it's just a generic way to tease your friends, but does not mean you actually hate anyone.

Most people understand this, but the fake outrage mob does not understand that words can be used without being hateful to an actual group. If they do "get it" then they're just crying about nothing because that's what the outrage mob does. They're not good at anything else but whining, so they whine a little bit harder each time.