White Model Claims She's Now Black, Causes Hilarious Controversy

Martina Big is a self proclaimed model from Germany who has giant assets. She's white, blond, and has an accent - until now. She claims that she's transformed into a black woman and wants the world to know it. She went from being the color of a paper plate with two melons on it, to a dark brown (still with two melons on it) and she's caused quite a hilarious controversy on the Internet. When we see something like this online, we don't know if it's real or something from The Onion. Well folks, this is definitely real, but it probably smells like the onion when she's done painting her body.

She's 32-years-old and her chest is size 32s. She tans like it's her job and possibly paints on some extra tanning lotion or chemicals to give her body that super unnatural look.

She recently visited the Hollywood sign in California and stated this "Last time I visited this with blonde hair and white skin – and now I’m a black woman with African hair."

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That's when people couldn't stop laughing because Martina Big, under all that tanning product, burnt skin, and surgically enhanced body parts - she's still just a little white German girl. There's nothing black about her. There will not ever be anything black about her. It doesn't matter how big her dreams and aspirations are to be a black woman because Martina Big will not ever be a black woman. For her to say she's now an African American is more like an insult to real black people.

Martina is making a mockery of a race and culture and has no clue how clueless she truly is.

But we do. We all knew she was more nutty than a squirrel turd. We knew she had a screw loose in the toolbag. We knew this a long time ago and we just laughed and giggled as she went about her way getting her chest inflated and face or lips possibly enhanced. No problem they said. It will be easy to be black they said.

Then Martina Big went on her "gotta change my skin color" fiasco and went all out so she could be the blackest white German blond in history with the most gigantic chest. 

I bet that when Martina saw Rachel Dolezal on television, she looked over to someone and said "hold my beer" or "hold my can of spray bronze" as she set up her plan to be more black than Rachel.

So she has fake brown skin. Hair extensions. Obvious surgical work. What's next? She's looking into butt implants so she has a real African American booty.

I kid you not. Martina Big is really interested in being as stereotypical black as she can be.

Her Facebook page is hilariously awkward to look at. Good luck visiting her page. Make sure to share this article with your friends so they can read about Martina Big and her giant bosom that is now a fake shade of black.

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